15 December – International Tea Day at Koda Garden

At 15.12.2023 (Friday) on World Tea Day, come to Koda Garden to try our selection of teas:
☕ Cinnamon and pears (fruit tea)
☕ Strawberry and raspberry (fruit tea)
☕ Caramel custard (black tea)
☕ Maple syrup and walnuts (oolong tea)
☕ Jasmine Breeze (white tea)
☕ Chocolate and mint (green tea)
☕ Zen (herbal tea)
With every pot of tea we give you a delicious muffin of your choice
Apple, walnuts and cinnamon
White chocolate, cranberry and pistachio
Dark and milk chocolate, hazelnuts and orange
You are welcome!

KODA Garden

Eat & drink like at home